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How to prevent a plumbing emergency?

A true problem that will need emergency plumbing services will typically cause water damage or deny your home of water. It’ll be clear when these situations become emergencies and there is no time to wait. If you are unsure or the issue isn’t urgent then you better to call for advice or a non-emergency plumbing service instead. So what events are considered an emergency? Feel free to read our other article: “Emergency Plumber Philadelphia” that will go into these events in more details.

When Should I call for an Emergency Plumber?

Flooding Risk

Backed Up Sewer

Being Without Water

Potential Burst Pipe

Want to learn more about these issues? Read on!

Flooding Risk

Flooding can be caused by a few failures. This may include a malfunctioning sump pump, or a backed-up sewer. Also could be a water shut off valve failure or a burst pipe. You don’t want to wait when in a flooding situation. This is because of potential damage to structures. If you notice any flooding be sure to call us right away! That way we can stop it before it becomes a major safety hazard. 

Backed up sewer

The point to a sewer is to take away waste and keep your home sanitary. When the sewer line backs up this creates a health hazard. You are going to want to return the ability to use facilities and run water immediately in order to stay happy and healthy.

Being without water

If you try to use any water appliance and are getting nothing that is a major concern. Water is vital to living a healthy and clean life and you are going to want to return to normal function as soon as possible. You don’t want to be without the ability to cook and clean for long. 

Potential Burst Pipe

There are a few things that can cause a burst pipe: being frozen, decay and clogs. All these problems can be potentially avoided with careful attention. 

    • Frozen pipes can prevent water from traveling to where you need it and cause the pipe to expand which can lead to cracks. Once it thaws it can leak and cause flooding. This can be caused by a heating system failure or if the weather becomes unusually cold so be sure to keep an eye out for any signs that you might have a problem. 
    • Old pipes can corrode and eventual rupture over time. If you have an older home (50 years or older) or steel plumbing make sure you get them checked out before there is a chance they break on you suddenly. 
    • Clogged toilets or pumps can increase pressure inside of your pipes and if the pressure is too much then they can burst and cause flooding. This can be an avoided problem by keeping good care and regular maintenance of your system equipment. 

How to avoid a plumbing emergency?

Preventing emergency plumbing PA called means providing regular maintenance to your plumbing system and avoiding certain actions that tend to cause major problems. Read more about how to prevent clogged drains in our other article available on our website! These simple things go a long way to  avoiding issues from occurring in the first place.  Save yourself from the stress and sudden expenses by taking these actions to prevent plumbing emergencies!

Your Trusted 24/7 Emergency Plumbers

No one ever wants to face an emergency situation and while not always predictable, some emergencies can be prevented. When it comes to plumbing there are somethings you can do to prevent having to call a plumber for emergency plumbing services! If you do need to call someone then McClain Bros. is here to help with all emergency plumbing PA! We serve the greater Bucks County and Philadelphia areas 24/7! But before we discuss how to prevent them, lets go over what is considered a plumbing emergency.

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