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The right electrician is not only a skilled specialist, but someone you should be able to trust in help keeping your home well-maintained and running smoothly. McClain Bros. are Newtown’s leading electrical contractor company! We know exactly what our customers in Newtown and the surrounding Bucks County communities need from 24/7 emergency electrical repairs and services or routine maintenance plans tailored specifically towards your individual needs; we’ve got it all at our disposal. Having The McClain Bros. on your side means there’s no need to keep searching for “electricians near me” or “local electrician.” If you’re in Newtown or the surrounding area and need high quality electrical services such as electrical meter testing services or electric service panel upgrades, then give us a call today!

Your Trusted and Local Electricians in Newtown, PA

Electrical Services Available in Philadelphia, Bucks County & Montgomery County

Have you been in need of an electrician that is local and reliable? McClain Bros. has your back! We service the Newtown, PA area including Philadelphia for all sorts of electrical emergencies “after hours.” No one-size fits all approach here at McClain Bros. – we strive towards excellence by meeting our customer’s needs with care and an attention to detail.

We produce high quality workmanship that lasts for the long term. We offer a variety of services, including service upgrades and electrical inspections to repairs and rewiring which will ensure your satisfaction with our results as well as make sure you never question what McClain Bros has done! Additionally we provide HVAC services as well as our quality plumbing service, so if anything else comes up just ask us -we’re here 24/7. Our team strives in making themselves yours go-to professionals when it comes time needing any type of electrical service in Newtown.

McClain Bros. has a team of licensed electricians that are ready to help you at any time! We offer 24-hour emergency service and will come out quickly in Newtown, PA or anywhere else across the region so don’t hesitate call today if you’re having an electrical emergency!

Curious About Our Affordable Premium Electrical Services In Newtown? Read on!

High Quality Electrical Services in Newtown, PA

Electrical Rewiring | Electrical Panel Installation And Repairs | Outlet Installation and Repair

We aren’t just any old electrical service company. We take pride in what we do and how well-known our company has become for its high quality services, which are second to none! Our service technicians don’t just have friendly faces, but they will always have your back no matter the job or challenge at hand. Whether it’s something as simple but important like fixing faulty outlets , or if you need us because you would like to have a new ceiling fan installed; don’t worry. The McClain Bros.’s technicians with our decades of experience know exactly what is needed for every job in and around Newtown.

If you’re experiencing a sudden and severe home electrical issue, we at McClain Brothers can help. Our 24 hour emergency service is available throughout Bucks County including Newtown as well as the greater Philadelphia area!

McClain Bros. is your trusted Plumber in Newtown, PA

An often overlooked feature of your home would be your electrical service panel. Sometimes referred to as the fuse box or circuit breaker, this is an important aspect in your home since this is where your service drop is connected to your home and then distributed throughout the residence. Since it is not owned by the electric company homeowners are responsible for any issues with their service panel. If you haven’t had any upgrades or repairs within the last 20 to 30 years, or have been experiencing lights flickering when appliances power on, you may want to contact us for a panel upgrade. From installations to upgrades and repairs, McClain Bros can do it all! 

Electrical Service Panel Upgrade
Bucks County Electrician

Electrical Safety Inspections & Repairs

High Quality Electricans in Newtown, PA

At McClain Bros. we made sure we offer comprehensive electrical inspections at any point and not just during construction or remodeling. As the years pass and codes change, we want to make sure Newtown and the surrounding Bucks County communities are up to code and that your home or building is safe for all.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Newtown, PA Electrician

Are you in need of routine check-ups and repairs of your residential or commercial buildings electrical system? Contact McClain Bros! We are  your quality electrical maintenance and repair service provider in Bucks County. We will ensure that your electrical service is functional, switches are wired correctly, and properly maintain your electrical service. Call today for a FREE estimate!

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs

Need an Emergency Electrician in Newtown?

Are you in Newtown, PA or located nearby and in need of emergency Electrical services?

There is nothing worse than having an electrical emergency, especially at an inconvenient time. Here at McClain Bros. we understand that life happens, even when electricians are off the clock. That is one reason why we have decided to offer our electrical services and solutions 24/7. If there is an emergency, you will want to make sure you are contacting someone who you trust and who is reliable. In an emergency, there is no need to panic or stress, especially when you contact the McClain Bros. We are your local, professional, and trusted electrical contractors in Newtown, PA. We’re here to help our community with all their plumbing, HVAC, or electrical issues. If you have an electrical emergency or have noticed irregularities with your plumbing, heating, or air conditioning, don’t hesitate to call McClain Bros. Plumbing & Heating today. We’ll be right there to help when you need it most, just like a brother would.

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